Planet Asia Announces New Cali Agents Album

2013-07-07 - 4:20 PM - Lukas

Rasco and Planet Asia reunite for their first collaborative record in seven years.

The duo dropped their last official LP, Fire & Ice, in 2006. Now, things are shaping up for the Cali Agents come back, judging by the tweet from Planet Asia.

“Cali Agents are working on that new LP,” he posted today on his Twitter feed.

Cali Agents released their debut album, How The West Was One, in 2000. Planet Asia dropped his collaborative albums Abrasions with Gensu Dean and 360 Waves with Durag Dynasty earlier this year.

Rasco released his last solo album, United Fakes Of America, last year. Besides the new Cali Agents record, he is rumored to be working on an EP with Guilty Simpson.

Update 07/23/2013:

Planet Asia took to Twitter to confirm the recording of the new LP, scheduling its release for 2014.

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